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3 is a crowd, 5 is Hell
Ben is a great guy a magnificent boyfriend but I wish he would become more assertive and stand up for himself (and by extension me). I mentioned he offered to let me move in with the guys, right? Well, I figured things won’t go as smooth as I hoped. Obviously he had troubles breaking the news to Sam and Sock, fearing they’ll say no. I realized that if I relied on his action alone I could wait till Second coming so I had to take matter in my own hands. Once guys were out I simply moved my remaining stuff there and waited for them to return. I did bring pizza and some champagne to smooth things over and to celebrate.

Things didn’t go as planned, obviously. But by now I realized they seldom, if ever, do. Sock and Sam weren’t comfortable with me moving in. Sock started babbling something about lady troubles. I guess he was reading those female books from Ben’s collection. I gave him my dirty look and thought about reminding him about who burned my barn down like some crazy dragon. But things moved quickly to Sam, who was not comfortable with it either. Either he still wasn’t sure I’m not planning to kill him or something else. But during my time spent with Tony and his circle I realized honesty is best route. OK, most of the time, but it seemed like best route here. So I brought out the time I kissed him, hoping to clear matters. Naturally Ben didn’t take it too well, but surprisingly neither did Sock. He stood up for Ben and slapped Sam. I knew Ben and Sock were indeed weirdly close, this just proved it even further. So I explained my attraction to evil and how I got over it and how I realized that Sam wasn’t really evil. I didn’t go in too much details, but they got the picture. Ben said he understood my demon ways, which was very sweet of him. With all these thing out in the open and finally cleared things were to auspicious start and they let me move in. So now I had a roof over my head, was with Ben and could focus on my other things.

Which is funny, in an ironic kind of way. You know how you sometimes spend ages looking for something then it suddenly falls in your lap? I knew Devil’s kid, that would be Sam’s half brother I guess, was somewhere in the city but never, not in my wildest dreams did I expect him to move in with us. Granted my wildest dreams involve spikes, boiling oil, souls and peeler knife, but I digress. So anyway, here he was, Morgan was his name, living under my nose. I knew I had to get him alone and have other demons from Tony’s circle with me. I mean, he is the son of devil and powerful and who knew what powers he had. Better to have safety of numbers than trying to take him out by myself.

So I did what every female demon in my place would do. I used my female charms to lure him, to have him drop his guard. To be quite honest (again, best route to take here!), he wasn’t that hard to trick. He obviously had no regard for women and would chase skirt no matter what, even if said skirt was accompanied by wings and fangs, as was mine. He started bragging about his conquests. In fact I knew the woman he was talking about. Screamed like a little girl when I got my hands on her soul. But anyway, to make rouse even better I started flirting with him really hard. It was working, I could see that. The only problem was that Ben got into jealousy overdrive. That wasn’t good, last thing I needed was Ben throwing a fit when I needed things to stay as calm as possible. I knew it will be hard on him having to watch my flirting but I just hoped things will be over before he flipped.

But apparently Morgan was making a nuisance of himself already. When Ben and I returned from our exercise he was having a pretty loud argument with Sock. Pretty loud by human standards, you wouldn’t believe how loud things can get downstairs. Apparently Morgan erased something Sock recorded or something like that. Well, one thing I learned is that pissing off your host is not a good idea, at least if you wish him to remain your host. But Morgan couldn’t change his nature and started flirting with me. Granted, that was according to my plan, but with Ben and Sock standing right there tensions rose so much I could sink my claws in it. Deep. I decided best way would be to exit gracefully and let boys sort things out for themselves. But Morgan being Morgan followed me and “accidently” saw me half naked in the shower. Luckily Ben wasn’t there or things would get messy. You know, people flipping out, body parts torn from bodies, blood everywhere. Mess to clean up either way. He acted as if nothing was wrong. I could see he was falling for it.

With guys going out for drinks I thought it would be a good way to see other demons. Tony was with guys so I didn’t expect him there, but I needed to inform other demons about my progress and tell them that the time for action was approaching fast. But lo and behold, tony returned with guys and they saw me. Ben got the wrong picture and I could see he was really close to breaking point. He got all jealous and started accusing me of keeping things from him. Well, that was true but not in the way he feared. I decided then and there that I’ll strike at Morgan at the first chance I’ll get. It wasn’t fair to Ben to put him through all this, without him knowing what was really happening.

Guys decided to go to a party that somehow involved stripper clowns, if I understood things correctly. Hey, don’t ask me, human ways are still something of a mystery to me. Morgan and I were alone in the house and it was a perfect time to spring the trap. I acted as if I was falling for his bad boy charm and all and decided to lure him to Tony’s house. He fell for it like a soul being thrown in a pit. Did I mention things not going as planned? Well, that happened again. When we arrived at the house Sam was there, but apparently not Ben. That was unwelcome turn of events, if only because I prefer not to have people around when I do my demon things. Well, things got worse from there. Somehow Morgan got a gun and he started waiving it around. Homo sapiens and their guns, seriously. Anyway, he was getting all worked up, how he will kill Sam and then rat on demons to devil, getting on his good side again. Things were defiantly going out of hand at that point and it was time to act. So I turned into my natural form and couple of us jumped him, finishing things for good. It got a bit messy but what can you expect? Well, I was really glad that was over, but there were still loose ends to tie. For one Sam had to know what happened and that despite our commitment to kill Devil’s offspring he was safe. From us, that is. What others have planned for him I don’t know.

But for me the most important thing was to let Ben know how things stood. He deserved to know, seeing how he was breaking down. When Sam and I got home he was really freaking out. I was glad the hiding and lies were over and I could tell him the truth. He didn’t understand at first but finally got the picture. I know he will never be able to understand me fully but I hope that in time he will get to know me even better. He deserves that.

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Homo sapiens and their guns, seriously.

Snerk. Particularly since none of them on the show could actually USE one. Heh.

Good job!

If I can't cram in "Feast" reference X-men should do :)

Great point of view. You really got Nina's hilarious, pragmatic, and demony voice. I love how blase she is about some things ("It got a bit messy but what do you expect?") and how worried about others, like Ben's feelings. Great fun.

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