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Anger management

I have to admit that these past few days very really something. But the important thing we have to remember is that all ended well and nobody’s head ended up on a pike. OK, I’ll admit, I may have gone a bit overboard but it’s not as if all of it was my fault. I mean honestly, a demon can only take so much rejection before she snaps and does something foolish, right? But in the end my persistence paid off and me and Ben are back together. I feel Sock was not completely comfortable with it but it’s Ben who counts more. He is forgiving but I feel that things have to change between us. I have to try to be better demon for him or who knows where we’ll end up.

Demons can change, and not just our appearance. I guess I didn’t mention I got in touch with some other members of resistance. No, I wasn’t trying to get to Sam, I’m past that, but sometimes you need your own kind around, so you don’t have to constantly watch what you do and say and send people running. Either screaming away or after you with lit torches. From what I heard the resistance topside was practically wiped out some times back. It seems they tried to get Sam to call Devil and try to kill him but it went wrong. Not sure of the details but from what I gather Devil was up to his old tricks and tricked them, then killed most of the demons that tried to kill him. But seriously, what do you expect? He launched his own rebellion back in the day so of course he would be on the lookout for something similar directed at him.

But I digress. I tried to keep a low profile since coming topside so I steered clear of rebels, so Devil wouldn’t find me. But right now I really had no choice. My place burned down, thanks to Sock and his stupid contraption, and I had no place to stay. So I went to see Tony, a rebel I knew, to see if he had a spare beam from which I could hang until I get sorted out. I turned out he had and was willing to let me use it for a while. Well, it was good, I have to say that. He was a great cook, I guess spending so much time topside does have it’s benefits.

But that wasn’t all I learned there. He claimed that his friend ascended to Heaven and appeared to him later as an angel. Well, far from me to argue with the guy who was letting me stay at his place but that did seem a bit much and hard to believe. Steve, that was Tony’s friend, was there when Rebellion (the original one, that is), broke out. And he picked the loosing side as well. And while God is forgiving and all I seriously doubt his forgiveness goes that far. Specially to our kind, who were created to serve Him in all matters. But Tony did believe it and he had quite a following as well, surviving rebels (against Devil, that is) by the look of it.

But whether it was true or not Tony claimed believing it made him a better demon, and I don’t mean improving disembowelment moves. They tried to emulate Steve, hoping to gain entry into Heaven that way. Well, they might succeed but I figured it was a long shot. Don’t get me wrong, I did find some of their philosophy appealing, specially the part about improving yourself and casting away the things humans think are evil. But my motives were mostly trying to improve relations with Ben, not trying to get into Heaven.

Now, if you expect me to get all charitable you would be wrong. I figured best path to improvement was to start working on myself. As Tony had more experience in such matters he was a great help. But still, the work was hard but I knew what lies ahead. So I clenched my fangs and followed his instructions. This thing called meditation really helped, you know. It allows you to focus on yourself, to try to find the good parts and work on them, to make them grow. But luckily that wasn’t all we did. No, not that, he wasn’t into female demons. Despite all the talk about being good, about renouncing evil we didn’t become completely non-violent. Sam wasn’t only Devil’s kid around, not by a long shot. Part of being good was finding them and killing them. So I guess the original spirit of rebellion lived on, only that we weren’t trying to overthrow Devil but prevent him from taking over the Earth. Whether humans deserve saving or not is another question.

So after some time I felt ready to move on. Ben was really helpful during this time. He stood by me when I needed him and was really thrilled with the progress I was making. And then he offered that I move in with him and guys. I thought about it and figured it might be a good idea. To see how much progress I really made and whether I could live among humans once again. But that didn’t mean I forgot the other part of sessions with Tony. In fact that gave me focus and a goal. Rumors had it Devil’s son was living nearby and when found we would move against him.Until then I figured I could enjoy some quality time with Ben.

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Aw, this is sweet, how hard Nina is trying to stay good for Ben. Plus, thanks for explaining something I didn't get before, about her being in the rebellion and going out against the Devil's kid(s). Innnteresting.

Actually, Nina being in the rebellion is mentioned in first entry. This being the reason she comes to Earth in the first place

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