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Breaking up, breaking down

So there I was, staying at the barn and plotting my revenge on Ben. Yes, I was serious about making him miserable. Hey, he broke up with me and if he thought he’ll get away with it without consequences he was wrong. So I did what anybody in my place would do, I stalked him to see when would be best time to make my move. I knew his work routine pretty well by now so I hid in the store he was working one night, waiting to catch him alone. Didn’t want any witnesses. And humans freak out more when they are alone, specially in the dark, just what I wanted.


So I climbed on some high shelves and waited for him then threw a big, heavy box in front of him. No, I didn’t try to hit him, just wanted to scare him. That didn’t work quite as planned though. Instead of being scared he got mad. Telling me to stay away, to take it easy, to calm down. I had to throw some more things at him before he ran away. I gave him some lead, just to get his hopes up, then followed him. He locked the door behind him, as if that will keep me out. I knocked them down with little effort. Now he was getting really scared. He tried to divert my attention, bringing up good times. As if that will help. It just reminded me what a good thing we had and I got even angrier. So I threw them down loading ramp. It wasn’t high enough to hurt him or anything, just give him a bruise or two. Then I left.


I gave Ben some time to cool, for the fear to creep in. It’s more effective if you leave people alone for a few days, then come back in full force, just as they think it’s over. I followed him and decided to make my move when he was in his car. I landed on his roof, then jumped down on the hood, looking as scary as possible. That didn’t work quite as planned though. He wasn’t freaking out. So I did next logical thing, I busted his windshield and started growling at him. Oddly enough that failed to produce any result beside him turning on the radio. Well, the music was bad so I guess it was some kind of torture for him but not nearly enough. I tried something even more drastic and started slashing around with my tail. Imagine my surprise at the lack of reaction. Now that was getting ridiculous so I decided it would be best for me to leave. And I did, flew back to my barn to think things over.


Clearly trying to scare Ben wasn’t working so I thought I should see how things stood between us and talk to Ben directly. And apologize if needed. In my human form, thank you very much. I visited Ben at work but didn’t get the chance to talk to him. Sock kept interfering, getting between me and Ben. But I saw Ben didn’t hate me and was really happy to see me. Sock was clearly the problem and if I wanted to get back with Ben Sock would have to be dealt with. If it weren’t for him me and Ben would be back together. Seriously, what was his problem? Couldn’t he see me and Ben belong together?


Now the question was how to get him out of the way. Back in the days it would be simple, swoop in and remove an organ he couldn’t live without. Now it’s more complicated. For one people are less tolerant for bodies lying around. For two Ben might not like it, and seeing how me scaring his grandmother into heart attack broke us up I didn’t think me killing his friend would help us get together. Luckily we demons are supernatural beings and have all sorts of powers humans don’t. Like getting into people’s dreams. I guess it’s an ability we got when we were still angels and needed to bring God’s messages to people in their dreams. So I decided to try this and make Sock so afraid of me he wouldn’t dare to do anything. The problem is that dreams are fluid and people can set the pace somewhat. I changed my appearance a bit as well, just to make things more interesting. Sock was resisting though. I guess he had a lot of experience with dreaming and sleeping. I even tried to get a reaction from him by appearing in my underwear but failed. So I decided on a dramatic end, make him believe I ripped out his heart. Seemed somewhat classier than tearing his head off and swallowing it whole. I sensed he woke up right after so I guess it was a big shock for him. Just what I wanted.


I was convinced that this will work and he will stay away and not try to prevent me and Ben getting back together. So imagine my surprise when next day I came to the barn and found him and Ben there, spraying gasoline all over the place. Well, clearly they were intend on burning the place down. I mean seriously, what is with people and fire, huh? Don’t they know demons need a roof over our heads and a place to hang from when we sleep? Or is it that they just don’t care? Do we go around setting their homes on fire like some crazy dragons? The only good thing about the whole situation was that Ben was clearly not comfortable with what they were doing. He seemed almost embarrassed and sorry. OK, I admit, maybe I have reacted a bit too strongly about our breakup but it’s not as if people got killed, right? Anyway, Ben was really sorry for how he reacted and apologized. Well, I had to drive the point a bit, just to make him feel more sorry. Sock wasn’t comfortable with it though, I could tell. So I wasn’t only one whose plans did turn out as well as hoped for. But Ben managed to convince him to forget what I did to him. It seems I’m not only one who likes his eyes. Well, things were turning out very well until they ignited the gasoline with their contraption. Fire then quickly spread and whole place went up in flames. Now I don’t mind fire, I’m a demon after all. But I knew I had to make them feel guilty about what they did so I acted all scared and shocked. Which made me realize I was left without a place to stay and that wasn’t good at all.

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Just great. This is exactly how I imagine Nina saw this situation. I love how you capture her mix of pragmatism, demonisity, and innocence. It's very "her."

Haha "likes his eyes." Great detail.

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